My Firefly statment “Saturated Souls”

أغسطس 24, 2010 § أضف تعليق

that video art depend on what happened with us, all of us in that workshop.
when you grow your sprit up and go throw the others then go deep inside your emotions and own culture and dreams that you looking for.

humanity as raw material like the colors and sound and the inside space,
that what makes you the challenger of yourself.

and if you even not be able to do something except staring at everything

and come over the meditation to the real doing

express your self and know new things about yourself at first time

you looking for nothing

what you looking for is in you

you do every thing while you move

you looking in the truer in the whole world around you, and discover that you have it in you and you have no idea about that.

every movement, every sound and every scene is a part of you in real if is there are reality in that life.

Mostafa Sleem


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